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    Product Design

    The 5 design in précised circuit board. And 3 surface mounting ambient guarantee that main board function reliable and steady..
    1. Précised electronic circuit design. The overall layout of circuit is reasonable, structured. Arranged components in a scientific and orderly

    way.  Isolate  high voltage component from low voltage area, and keep enough distance . high level anti-jamming (anti-interference)design make a

    safer use environment.
    2. Channel a slot/ Water  outlet in the circuit .and Inner circuit parts, is at higher position and outside at low position design. channel a slot

    in the middle. so that water can flow away easily. Grooved (slotted) here so that water will coming out from here. No room to standing water. 
    3. Special potting sealant glue craft , keep the board moisture-proof, water proof, isolation, anti-corrosion, fire resistance. And special

    potting seal the circuit board, make it double waterproof. 
    4. Design leakage protection in circuit. behind the circuit scence, thre are thousands of parts and components, one part problem, may cause

    leakage. By the leakage protection, it Keep the board working well even under worst moisture environment.
    5. power supply board reversely mounting. (Ceiling mount)So no any chance for water standing. One by one, small and tiny details demonstrate that

    we take great care on the bidet . 
    6. Each electronic board have to pass rigorous test. And 24 hours Aging test, 
    7. Top manufacture environment. international standard, Dust free against static electricity , Constant temperature workshop .   
    Fully automatic surface mounting equipment   8 temperature area for paster  that make sure each element firmly pastered. Make sure each product is

    completely safe and reliable. Only under such manufacture environment. Can guarantee that main board function reliable and steady


    Product Design

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